Representative 49.7% APR (variable)
Representative Example: If you borrow £2,600.00 over 36 months at a Representative rate of 49.7% APR (variable) and an annual interest rate of 41.00% (variable), you would pay 36 monthly instalments of £126.61. The total charge for credit will be £1,957.89 and the total amount payable will be £4,557.89.

Short Term Loans UK

Applying for a loan in the UK is a tiring task for many people. The process involves stringent conditions and evaluations whose main agenda is to disqualify applicants. This discourages many loan applicants. Short term loans, on the other hand, are easily accessible. This makes it the most viable option to fund temporary personal and business needs. The flexibility provided by short term loans also ensures that emergency capital needs can be fulfilled in time.

A short term loan is defined as an unsecured personal loan intended to cover sudden financial problems. The repayment period of this loan may vary from a few months to one year. In many cases, the repayment date is agreed upon between the lender and the borrower. We understand that getting cheap short term loans is at the helm of any individual seeking financial help. This article will highlight the characteristics of short term loans in the UK. This will aid you to secure the most suitable credit for your needs.

These characteristics include:

Easy to access

Short term loans are easy to acquire as compared to bank loans. This is due to the minimal requirements needed when applying for these loans. Generally, most people will easily meet these requirements. This is especially vital to start-ups and small businesses that are yet to be eligible for bank loans. Accessing these loans ensures sustained business activities and customer satisfaction even when a start-up is facing a financial crisis. This keeps the business afloat until it is back to its feet.

Minimal collateral

Due to the short maturity dates, short term loans do not require any form of security. This means that you don't have to use your savings account or your home to secure these loans. This is especially critical when an emergency need strikes. You won't be tied down by lack of collateral to secure a short term loan. This makes it appropriate for most individuals who would otherwise be disqualified from credit access.

Suitable for good and bad credit

Accessing a loan with a bad credit rating can be a daunting task. This is however different when it comes to short term loans. People and start-ups with bad credit can access short term loans for bad credit. This is a tailor-made product to suit such people. Additionally, such a loan, upon repayment, will easily build their credit score.

Quick application process

Short term loans have the simplest application process. Most lenders encourage customers to make the application online, through their website or a mobile application. This drastically reduces the waiting period and the paperwork involved. Most often than not, your driver's license and your occupation should be enough to land you cheap short term loans. After the application is approved, requested funds will then be deposited to your bank account.

Has a wide variety of uses

Many loans are tied down to specific uses. A mortgage, for example, can only be used to purchase a home whereas an auto loan will only be used to pay for a car. Short term personal loans, however, are not tied down to a specific use. This gives you the freedom to use the credit on the most pressing needs. This can only be the best deal for borrowers.

The points highlighted above provides an overview of short term loans in the UK. The above information is vital to borrowers seeking short term loans, especially those with bad credit. With the above, it will be easier for you to apply and qualify for cheap short term loans. Success in your application!

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